Hello everyone!

Long time I haven't blog on livejournal. Too busy doing work on my shop and also try to organized all of my things and clothes in my closet. I have been buying cute hoodies and shirts from toki doki. Cause' I might try to do kawaii photo shoots on my jewelry my self. I just recently purchased BtSSB Pink Babydoll JSK, and a BtSSB Blue Parfait Halter JSK. Cause' I want to doll my self up for the "Anime Expo 2010" I want to go as sweet lolita.

Baby the Stars Shine Bright have very cute clothing. I know lolita fashion back 2001 but never had the money to buy a dress from name brands. I always love BtSSB brand.

Finally, for a long time of reading about lolita fashion, and decide to buy my first lolita dresses I manage to save a little money and got two cute dresses from crazyspork_i_am  she's selling some of her dresses.

She's so amazing of putting styles together. Decora, punk and sweet lolita. She does her own twist on it. Anyway, I might get it pretty soon. She lives in cali so it's better for not to feel anxious to have my cute outfits on my hands. Can't wait to get them.

modeling my goods.
cute outfit I put together. I just need to work on my makeup and hair. it lacks a lot.

Big haul of cute things...

So sorry for not updating my blog lately. I have been busy working and taking care of my family. My little baby it's growing so fast. I finally bought his crib and he seem to love it. So far money wise had been okay. I have been treating my self with clothes, bags and cute things. Now my greatest obsession it's cute purses. I want to own a few cute purses that will go with my outfits.
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I want to make kawaii food!

Somehow I came across of these cute bento pics.

OMG!!!!!!!! i love this one.

This one it's so cute. pink and girlie!

so I got inspired to make my own. It's not hello kitty but, it looks okay.

My first bento! (Bunny Cutie Bento Pic.1)

I made this one for lunch. Next week or so, my bento supplies will be coming in the mail pretty soon.

I JUST CAN'T WAIT! to make my own hello kitty bento cuties.

these are the tools I just bought to make my bento look kawaii.
I can't wait to start using them. >_<
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Joseph turning 2 months!

My joseph it's getting so big. OMG! times flies very quickly. I want to thank jodi for the cute outfits. His wearing on this picture!

joseph trying to eat his new toy! LOL!

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