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I might go to AX 2009 next week!
I got the tickets for two days. I will be going to the morning musume concert with my brother next friday. I'm very anxious to see those girls perform.

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Joseph it's such a good baby...

It had been 2 days and so far I love having joseph at home. It had been amazing been able to take care him and doing what all mommies do. I LOVE BEEN A MOMMIE! it's the best feeling I could ever hope for. I love taking care of my husband and my baby. Cause' it makes me feel I have a purpese in life.

In his first night with us he only woke me up twice at night. He only cries when his hungry. And he a lot for been a little baby. I'm so bless he has a big appetite cause' I know he is going to grow big and healthy.

My little baby it's like a little timer. He only wakes up every 3 hours to feed him. He hates getting his diaper change and he loves to eat. Me and joseph are trying to learn how to breast feed. We are trying our best. I do give him my breast milk. Cuase' the hospital loan me a breast pump for only 1 month. The next month I might buy one for myself.

Today, my brother and my mom came to pick up my laundry. My mom had been such a big help lately. She doesn't help me with the baby. I told her I don't need help for that. Cause' I know what joseph needs. She's really proud of me so far of how I'm handling things with his grandson. And to tell you the thruth It's all worth it.

Today, joseph did big poop!!!!!!!!!!!! it didn't freak me out. I love changing his diaper specially the cloth diapers. So far the cloth diapers are pretty useful. I've use it for everything. Not only for a diaper. This week the company will pick up the dirty cloth diapers that joseph soil. It such a good service I think every mom should try that service. It's clean for the inviroment and it's really cool that you don't need to worry about smelly diapers.


So far, it had been really cool. I LOVE BEEN A MOMMY. Can't wait until my baby it's 3 months or so. So, I can take him out for a walk.

therefore, thank you for all your comments.


OMG! I'm so happy to have joseph in my house. It's very surreal to me. When we went to pick him up today. I was really trill to hear the good news he was ready to go home. We went to the NICU and dress him up and put him in the car sit.

his ready going home!
He was complaning when I was dressing him. But, then daddy put him in the car sit and he was more calm.

We went to see my husband family cause' they wanted to meet joseph. Specially his mom. She got exicted to see him. Then everyone said his really adorable. Of course I made him. LOL! Then, we finish visiting my husband family and we drop off my mom. We got home and put him to his cute crib. I change his cloth diaper and feed him his bottle. Then, I tried to breast feed with him. Didn't work. So, I just let him feed with the bottle.

Today I change his diaper like 6 times. I love doing it. Also, he had 3 feedings. He eats a lot for been a small baby.
sleeping time!
I master burping him. The nurse told me that in order for a baby to have a healthy tummy you must burp him all the time. So, it works. Right now my baby boy is sleeping. I love looking at his cute face. I see myself in him. I LOVE MY BABY BOY!

Been a newbie mom...

First of all I want to thank everyone for commenting on my baby's pictures. I know his adorable. LOL~ J/K he is. I really can't denied that.


I never though the feeling of been a mother would be like this. It does feel very surreal to me to have him in this world.

A year ago I was scared to be a mother. I don't know why, but, I guess I was selfish to think that way.

Now I'm very anxious to take care of him. I just want him home asap. During the hospital I would go visit him every feeding. I would held him and talk to him. And tell him about my day. He would listen, but in a sleepy way. Sometimes he would smile at me. I've notice he smiles a lot for been a newborn. That tells me that he does recognize my voice. The more, I got to visit him the more comfortable I will feel to hold him.

At first I was really shy around him. I don't know why but, he really does that to me sometimes.

Yesterday, I drop off his milk. I have be able to produce enough milk for two feedings. I'm so happy that I got my breast to produce more milk. At first it was a challenge to get some milk out. I would only produce a drop. Now I'm like a cow. LOL! milking them when they get full. I'm very technical when it comes for duties like this. I get focus on one thing until I successful finish the job.

I'm watching what I eat and tried to keep positive. My mom said if you get depress, you give sour milk. I really don't want that to happen. Especially, when joseph needs it.

Doctors, are saying he was born too small and skinny. That's why his in the incubator. I think he is a strong baby with a big appetite. Yes, he eats alot. The nurses told me yesterday that they have to change his eating schedule. Instead of 3 hours is 4 hours on every feeding. The nurse said that he is too small to be eating alot. But, my baby just have a big appetite for a small stature. lol!

I'm very happy his drinking my milk though. He seems to take anything I give him.
I love him so much. Will do anything for him. I never though I would love someone this much. I love been with him every minute I get the chance to see him. I miss him right now that I'm typing this blog. But, not to worry I will see him today. YAY!

his very alert here!
he looks precious here. SO CUTE!

YAY! my baby it's here!

Sorry for not been online for ever. I just came back from the hospital but, didn't come back with my baby cause' his in observation.


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Momma kitty gave birth first than me...

Hello, everyone, sorry I haven't blog lately. But, I have been really busy with my shop. I have been a busy bee doing art's and craft lately. I really can't stop. Also, my brother gave me an early birthday present. He gave me an Ipod.Read more...Collapse )

7 pound baby!

I went to the clinic today. Got check for blood pressure, weight and urine sample. Everything it's all good. While I was waiting for the my doctor to come in the room. I decided to take some pictures of my tummy!

as you can tell my baby drop. So, anytime soon I will be having my baby boy. YAY! also, my mom it's going to teach me how to take care of my baby. So, I'm very please everything it's settling it's own way.


The doctor came in and ask me if I was doing okay. I said, "yes" so, she told me to lay down to check my stomach size. She said that everything looks awesome.

Also, the baby's heart beat sounded healthy. She said I gain like about 15 pounds. Which is not that bad. And also I lost 1 pound throughout my last doctor visit. She said it was fine. Cause' eventually I don't need to gain anymore weight. I just need to walk more and go in to labor. That's all. I'm fully prepare for it. I just made my baby his bag and my bag. So, we can be ready for labor. I got his outfit all set up for him. I think his going to look so cute. >W</ omg my baby soon he will be in my arms.


I'm so mad! need to bend...

Okay let me first start off that in the beginning of this day was good. Until it hit 3 o'clock in the afternoon me and my decided to get a cute bedding for my baby boo. I was going down the stairs and they were some 3 black kids coming by. (Yes, I said black. If you live in ghetto just like me you can find lots of kids saying bad words to each other. It's like horrible.) Anyway, to get to my point I've overheard one kid saying "pregnant women are ugly" was like. WTF!!!! I said to him "what did you said to me?" and he said "I didn't said nothing." I said, "I've heard you said "That pregnant women are ugly." and he said, "so what and you are ugly." I got so mad and flip the bird to him. and he shouted "FUCK YOU! you are still ugly." the other two kids were laughing. I think the kid that disrespect me was showing off to his friends.

My mom told me "you shouldn't have said anything to them." I said to my mom, "I had to do it to get my anger out!" I was still upset and we tried to forget about it. My mom told me ignore kids like that next time. Then I started to cry. My got worried and she ask if I was okay to proceed shopping. I was like I'm just upset mom. So, we went to my favorite place to look for a baby bassinet. They usually carry good stuff from target in half of the price.

We got in the shop and I was still upset. I call my husband and tell him about what had happened and he got mad. I told him they were just some 11 year olds. He was like if I see them I would make them apologize. I told him I was okay. The reason I call him was to get my feelings out. Not to start something. Anyway, people were looking at me when I was talking to my husband. Then my mom told me you shouldn't had told him of what had happened. I told her it's okay. Then we got out of the shop and saw my husband drove by and he pick us up. He drop off my mom and we went home.

The thing that ticks me off, is that how can a mother raise such disrespectful kids? It made me sad, how kids are today. It makes me so sad. I've told my husband that we won't raised a child like that. I want my baby boy to be respectful towards women specially pregnant ones. I know me and my husband we will teach him what's right or wrong.


Right now I feel alot better. I just needed to bend and tell you guys what had happend.

I'm almost reaching 37 weeks!
I went to the doctor today to get my cervix check. Yes, I got my cervix check to see if I'm dilating. The doctor said that I'm 1 cm dilating. OMG! no wonder it had been feeling pain down there lately. She told me I can go in to labor anytime. I'm scared, yet relieve that I'm doing good in my pregnancy. I might walk a little not over do it.

I have all the baby clothes wash, and I decided to purchased this service that brings you cloth diapers in your house. I think It would be better cause' my baby won't have rashes and the plus side I'm saving the inviroment.

I did got some newborn diapers though I might use it when I go out somewhere. It would be very beneficial for me. I made my cutie pie his bag and also my bag too. I really need to add my ipod in my bag! >_< I really need to get more prepare!

My baby shower!

Hello, everyone I must say my baby shower went pretty good. A lot of the people I invited didn't came. But, overall I got so many cute gifts from everyone. I didn't post the pictures here. Cause' it's too many. But, I can give  show some  pictures of my baby shower.Read more...Collapse )


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