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Big haul of cute things...
So sorry for not updating my blog lately. I have been busy working and taking care of my family. My little baby it's growing so fast. I finally bought his crib and he seem to love it. So far money wise had been okay. I have been treating my self with clothes, bags and cute things. Now my greatest obsession it's cute purses. I want to own a few cute purses that will go with my outfits.

Ready to go out.

Harajuku Lovers Bag pic. 2

my first harajuku lovers purse. I love it so much. It goes well with all my outfits. >_<

my cute loungefly hk bag pic.1

my loungefly hello kitty purse. I love loungefly purses I think they are well made and big to put all my junk in there.

My Tokidoki x Hello Kitty top pic.2

My new tokidoki x hellokitty limited edition shirt.

Adios and Ciao Ciao Tunic top pic.1

cute tunic top with adios and ciao ciao. I love these cute character. I have in vinyl and plush form.

MY tokidoki don&apos;t panic shirt

Don't Panic toki doki shirt this one it's one of my favorite. Love how it looks in black skinny jeans.

My Tokidoki x Hello Kitty dress pic.2

my cute dress. I love tokidoki x hellokitty collab.

so far... I really need to stop shopping. Cause' I want to save this year. This big haul wasn't cheap. Yet I got them in good price.

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cute shtuffz! i have an obsession with cute purses too! am currently on the hunt for a new one! XD

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