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I want to make kawaii food!

Somehow I came across of these cute bento pics.

OMG!!!!!!!! i love this one.

This one it's so cute. pink and girlie!

so I got inspired to make my own. It's not hello kitty but, it looks okay.

My first bento! (Bunny Cutie Bento Pic.1)

I made this one for lunch. Next week or so, my bento supplies will be coming in the mail pretty soon.

I JUST CAN'T WAIT! to make my own hello kitty bento cuties.

these are the tools I just bought to make my bento look kawaii.
I can't wait to start using them. >_<

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Woah the Bentos looks so kawaii and yummy *-* XD
I wish I could buy those lovely Bento supplies here (Germany) too >-<
Your own Bento is kawaii too...especially the egg sun xD haha

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